Visiting English Heritage Sites (#EHMembership)

In the year my family has lived in the UK, we’ve experienced rounds of guests shuffling through our imaginary revolving door. I’m not at all complaining but it can get quite expensive at times. My English Heritage membership has come in handy to help offset the cost of our outings. It also offers me the freedom to visit sites multiple times without it becoming a financial burden or pushing our guests out on their own. I have more than used up my membership fee and then some, so basically they have lost money on me. However, from all of the guests I’ve brought along, English Heritage has still come out ahead, I’m sure.

I recently applied to be a part of the English Heritage Members Panel. I got a nifty little acceptance packet in the mail this past week with a badge and selfie stick. These gadgets will accompany me on my outings as long as I’m living in England and maintain my EH membership. Not knowing how much time we have here, I’ve got to get busy!

You will soon be seeing posts here and on the Texan Pond Hopper Review Facebook page with #EHMembership on them. This is a requirement that accompanies the privilege of being on the panel. All images I share with this hashtag will have been taken by me but will be subject to English Heritage ownership.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff…

The list of English Heritage sites is wondrously vast. The list currently stands at 382. I’ll never get to them all so my game plan is to stick to visiting sites which are close to our home in Surrey. I might occasionally branch out if I fancy a road trip, which I have done.

So far, my list of visits to English Heritage sites includes:

Stonehenge (multiple times)
Brunton Turret – Hadrian’s Wall
Dover Castle
Clifford’s Tower

I plan for that list to grow in the coming months. But while I plan, I will focus on writing review styles articles for the sites above.

Visit more information about becoming an English Heritage member or gain access to the listing of sites in order to plan your visits.


Disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation from English Heritage.

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