RV Life Interview with @LiveLowFlyHigh

We were recently honored to participate in an internet interview with fellow RV’ers, @livelowflyhigh on Instagram.

They host Instagram interviews which offer a fun snippet from the life of other RV’ers and other fellow travelers to hopefully encourage and inspire us continue to enjoy the journey. It worked for us! If you’re interested in how we started out our #fulltimervlife journey, here’s that story. But for now, here’s the condensed version of our interview:

MAY “OVER THE INTERNET” INTERVIEW* The more space we have, the more stuff we have!” Tommy and Andrea along with Zeala and Bonnie have been in their RV for 9 months. They are from Texas but call home wherever their grandkids are. Tommy is a project engineer and Andrea is a freelance writer and enneagram coach. The small sites at RV parks can be challenging but having a drink by the fire at night is not!


And now, I thought I’d share the extended version so you could get to know us a little better.

  1. Names (including pets)?
    Tommy, Andrea, Zeala (Aussie doodle), and Bonnie (mini Goldendoodle)

2. Age and hometown?
We’re both in our early 50’s and we were both born in south Texas, near Houston. But “home” is where our kids and grandkids are.

3. How long have you lived in an RV? How long do you plan to?
At this time it’s been about 9 months. While we are looking into buying land for retirement, we have no solid plans to live in a sticks and bricks at this time. We re-evaluate on a regular basis and as our life continues to change. Tommy’s job takes us to different places and, for now, the full-time RV life is the right thing for us. Never say never but, we are fairly certain we will not live in a big house again. The more space we have, the more stuff we have. We’ve done the “great clearing” process once and that was enough.

4. What is your occupation?
Tommy: Site project engineer for automation projects in industrial plants. Andrea: Freelance writer/proofreader and soon to be certified Enneagram coach.

5. What do you miss about a permanent home?
Tommy: Being able to make changes to the landscape. Building a fire pit. Planting things if we chose to do so. Andrea: Solid ground (literally and figuratively), nice dishes, and a bigger bathroom.

6. What has your biggest issue of living in an RV?
Tommy: Small sites in some RV parks and the fear of not being able to fix something that breaks. Andrea: In the beginning, there were several big issues like figuring out internet and storage/space solutions, having the right tools on hand, rv’ing in winter, and such. But our biggest issue which remains a challenge is finding community. We’re veritable global nomads so we’re accustomed to the challenges of figuring out how to find community in a new place. But being in RV parks, especially in Utah’s winter and now COVID-19, it’s been a real challenge. It gets a bit lonely – which is why we value our online community so much.

7. How much time do you spend outside?
As much as possible. Honestly, Tommy more than Andrea because he has a hard time sitting still and Andrea is content to sit in her heated recliner and look out of the big picture window. The dogs make it necessary to be outside but if the weather permits, we go outside, hike, take pictures and sit by the fire with a wee dram.

8. How much time do you spend on a phone/computer each day?
Both of us spend a considerable amount of time on our phones and computers each day. Much of it for our work but also keeping in touch with our kids and grandkids.

9. Do you think you “unplug” more living in an RV? 
In terms of online/phone use, not really, because being connected is important to both of us for our work and personally, but it is a much simpler lifestyle. It’s definitely easier to disconnect, though, when we want to.

10. Do you consider yourself a minimalist? 
Tommy: Yes. I like that our life has been paired down to the essentials. Andrea: No. Andrea is able to pair down to what will fit and is quick to let go of things we don’t need, but she likes options. She got the big closet.

11. Do you have a social media page? 
YES! And we’d love to share our journey with you! Follow us on Instagram, @go.in.joy.

Also, be sure to follow @livelowflyhigh for their adventures and more great interviews!

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