Got Travel Questions?

I love to travel. I’m certain this statement comes as no surprise to those who know me. I’ve effectively been traveling internationally since I was 7 – and I’m … a lot older than that. At this point, it’s in my blood.

My husband and I decided we would cut back on travel for this year to save up for a couple of bigger trips next year. We love camping, and we’ll do more of that this year – hopefully.

But … you knew there was probably a “but” coming, right?

On my recent cruise, just one week after returning from our trip to Scotland, I booked two more cruises. Turns out there are some pretty decent incentives for booking a cruise while ON a cruise. In my defense, one cruise is for next year and my husband isn’t going, so that didn’t go against our travel “ban.”

But one cruise is for the two of us this year. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I’m a sucker, and I know it.

Also, I just booked a trip with my sister and her crew to Italy in April. This was a known trip for me for 2023, but still proves I have very little self-control when it comes to travel temptations.

I love to travel.

I squeezed in a dental cleaning between trips recently. While chatting with the hygienist between the scraping, polishing, and swishing, she mentioned she would love to travel but didn’t have the courage to go anywhere. Not to be overly dramatic, but my soul felt deep sadness for her.

I realize some don’t want to travel, which is totally okay! But when I encounter someone who doesn’t want to go places and feels like they can’t for whatever reason, I want to book a trip with them and show them how wonderful it can be! Are there risks involved? Sure! But will those risks be worth it? Well, they always have been for me.

One of the most common concerns I have heard is that the airplane ride would be too uncomfortable for a longer journey. This opinion is typically formed based on domestic air travel. An international flight is NOTHING like a domestic flight. It’s so much better!

So, I ask you, what questions or concerns do you have that are keeping you from your adventures? How can I help?

I probably can’t go on a trip with you, but I might be able to answer some of your questions.

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